SOAR with remarkable

SOAR with remarkable

Vision Strategy Transformation

Become what you are meant to be!

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Custom Solutions to your unique challenges.

Throughout the process, we model problem-solving in action. After the initial discovery session, we do a deep dive to assess the current state. Then we design custom solutions to solve the challenges. Finally, we develop a strategy and support the execution that drives results.

Gain clarity on how to navigate challenges and reach your goals.

SOARing is a mission, a mindset, and an action. It means to go beyond and reach higher, to shed the constraints that hold you back. Our purpose is to help you SOAR.


Set Your Sights on Your Objectives

Define your goals and identify your destination. And we’re not just talking money and promotions. . . Who do you want to BE? What does success mean to YOU? Where do you want to end up?


Obliterate Your Obstacles

Understand whatever is holding you back, whether labels, societal expectations, circumstances, financial obligations, fear, or self-talk. Clear those away to free yourself to change and SOAR.


Analyze the Way Forward

Formulate a strategy with specific actions and benchmarks to move you toward the goal and keep obstacles at bay.


Recognize Your Successes

Celebrate reaching your incremental and ultimate goals. You didn’t get here by accident, so reward the hard work as you recognize your successes.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

University Of Notre Dame
Issued November 2015

Creative Problem Solving Level 2

Creative Education Foundation
Issued September 2020

Change Management Professional

Acuity Institute
Issued May 2020

Certified Diversity Executive

Institute for Diversity Certification
Issued 2021

Foursight Certified Trainer

Issued August 2014

Meet Duane Wilson

Helping you navigate challenges.

Helping you navigate challenges & find emerging opportunities for growth.

Duane Wilson is a leader of leaders and a change agent whose current focus is designing and implementing cultural shifts that advance equity and inclusion while increasing productivity. Duane has more than 25 years’ experience helping organizations achieve their goals by bringing creativity, clarity, and structure to complex and challenging problems.